Spheres and Stripes

Blender Concepts - made in Midjourney

Midjourney isn't just a tool; it's a compass that points us in a creative direction we've never imagined possible. With the ability to use natural language for prompts and images, it speaks directly to the heart of our creative ethos – a dialogue between the tactile and the digital, the hand-crafted and the algorithmically generated.

This series of images was generated as source material for our Midjourney to Runway tutorial blog.

In that educational tutorial post we detail how we converse with the AI in a back-and-forth tango, crafting prompts which we than weave into our visual epiphanies for concept art. It's a process that embodies our studio's belief in the power of experimentation, where learning is part of the art itself.

Here is an example prompt from the series, made using Midjourney v 5.1:

an assortment of colored spheres on a striped floor, in the style of dada-inspired constructions, contemporary candy-coated, minimalist stage designs, de stijl, sculptural paper constructions, bold palette, kodak colorplus --ar 7:10

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