Custom Pet Portrait Cookie Cutter

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Each cutter will be about 4" on its longest side but will depend on your pet's head shape.

Instructions for ordering custom portrait cookie cutters:

1. Add the cookie cutter to your cart and update the quantity with the number of cutters you’d like then complete your purchase.

2. Once we've confirmed your order, we'll reach out via email for a photo of your pet.

3. Before sending it to manufacturing, we'll send you a preview of the model so you can suggest any changes, if necessary.

The color of the cutters will vary.

Processing time is about 1 week, one pet per cutter only.

Cookie Cutter Care:
Hand wash only and store in a cool place. We recommend soaking them in warm soapy for no more than 20 minutes and then hand washing all the remaining flour out with a scrubber.