Gifts for Creators 2023: The Artist

Here's a list of great gifts for the artist and the constant creator in your life, whether they are a budding artist, art student, creative-on-the-side or even a full-time art professional - we've picked out some things that will be thoughtfully cherished by artsy recipient in your life. 

We've curated this list of art supplies, creativity tools, organization boosters and more to show to help you show them how much you love them and their art.

Don't forget! Support your favorite local artists and vendors by purchasing their art as gifts for your other loved ones too! Spread the creativity community support around this season.

This article includes affiliate links that we make a small commission if you purchase. 

Two Tumbleweeds Art Dice ~$20
We've been big fans of their food & cocktail dice and Two Tumbleweeds did it again by making a fun set of 9 dice to help you create. The dice include subjects, mediums, styles and more. They can be really helpful in helping overcome creative blocks.

STABILO Point 88 Fineliner Pens - 30 Colors ~$20
These pens continue to be a favorite. Vibrant colors, great ink coverage, and precision markings. The hexagonal hold is also very ergonomic and easy to hold for long periods of time.

Fineliner STABILO Point 88 Desk Organizer and Pen Holder at Echo Echo Studio

Fineliner STABILO Point 88 Pen Holder ~$20
We love the STABILO pens so much that we made a pen holder for them. Our Pen holder holds 25 of the 30 pack of pens (perfect for the few that we always keep packed in our travel set-up). 

RETTACY Dot Grid Notebook Spiral 3 Pack ~$15
Really great notebooks for sketches, writing, technical drawings, bullet journaling and all the above. These are a mainstay no matter the use, especially for the price. Quality paper that doesn't bleed through and very sturdy construction make them great on the go too.

Soolla® Studio Project Bag ~$47
The perfect organization tool that brings all your artist tools together and, most importantly, accessible to make creating a breeze. Plus it comes in a ton of really cute colorways. This bag, filled with a few tools, is the perfect gift.

U.S. Art Supply Studio Easel w/ Storage Drawer ~$100
If you have a painter or illustrator in your life, the gift of a good easel will bring their art to new heights (literally). Easels are great because they allow the creator to take a more natural position when creating.

Caran d'Ache Fancolor Color Pencils, 18 Colors ~$24
Caran d'Ache is known for quality and these are no exception. These pencils are beautifully reactive to pressure and provide great saturation and blending.

Caran d'Ache Triangular Eraser ~$7
This is the Cadillac of erasers: smooth erasing, the corners allow for detailed accuracy and it lasts (and works) for a very long time.

Caran d'Ache Double Pencil Sharpener ~$3
Another vital pencil accessory, the sharpener. Again, it's about quality here. Caran d'Ache makes a pencil sharpener that will last. Good quality blades for a smooth sharpen.

Fiskars Premier Orange-handled Micro-Tip No. 5 Fabric Scissors ~$10
We feel some kinda way about these scissors! All other scissors are garbage compared to these. Fiskars always does a great job with durable sharpness, but this size specifically has such a great range of maneuverability that just can't be beat. 


Fiskars Premier Orange-handled Micro-Tip No. 5 Fabric Scissors at Amazon

Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage ~$18
As you might have heard, print is dying which has made the collagist hunt that much harder to achieve. No longer can we hope for giant piles of magazines from our friends and family. Collage books to the rescue with interesting images to play with.

ARTISTRO Watercolor Portable Paint Set - 48 Colors ~$25
A travel watercolor set is the perfect gift for any artist that travels, camps or hikes regularly. It's a little studio in a box that goes with you - making it really easy to capture a quick scene or idea.

Paintbrush Holder at Etsy

Paintbrush Holder Stand ~$13
A paintbrush holder is another great gift - allowing the artist's chosen tool be ever at the ready. This is a very affordable but usable option, with a bunch of different size holes for various brushes.

Don't Drink the Paint Sticker ~$3
It's all fun and games until you actually do it. Nice reminder not to and will hopefully put a little smile on their face and think of you when they see it. Bonus if you give it to them with a very colorful cocktail!
Don't Drink the Paint Water Sticker at Etsy

Japanese Woodblock Prints by Andreas Marks ~$22
Nothing like a little inspiration that inspired some of the greatest Western artists to push themselves into modernism. Japanese woodblock prints are intricate and otherworldly masterpieces of human minds and hands. Something for everyone in here. Taschen makes all sorts of beautiful books that should speak to your artist.

Jenny Saville ~$50
If you've ever been lucky enough to see a Jenny Saville painting, you've understood the incredible accuracy and realism she captures onto the 2D plane of a painting. The imperfections that are perfection. This  book is a career-spanning look at a living master.


Thanks for checking out our 2023 gift recommendations for the artist! Now you'll be sure to have the best presents at your gift exchange. Find some of our other curated gift lists here:
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