Gifts for Creators: Under $25

We've put together a list of some great products for creators under $25. Chosen to help capture or invigorate creativity but at a wallet-friendly price point.

This article includes affiliate links that we make a small commission if you purchase. 

Art Supply Storage Organizer
8 deep pockets on a rugged tote bag to help contain the creative chaos.
Fiskars Multi-Purpose Shears
Immensely useful scissors for gardening, camping, kitchening and arting. They separate for easy cleaning.
100 Googly Eyes
Never underestimate the creativity and fun of a bunch of googly eyes.


Craftsman Long Nose Pliers
Quality long nose pliers have so many uses. These ones will last forever.
DIY Sustainable Projects
By our own Audrey Love, this book is full of approachable and earth-friendly projects.
24 Sharpie Markers
Sharpie is known for their great quality and this pack - vibrant fun colors.


Phone Camera Lens 3-in-1
Includes an 120° wide-angle lens, an 20x macro lens and a 198° fisheye lens.
100 Pantone Postcards 
We've used these for color testing, protest postcards to our representatives and inspiring wall decoration.
Two Tumbleweeds Art Dice
Fun & easy way to overcome creative blocks.


6 Canvas Pouches
Colorful pouches to help organize your stuff.
Center Hole Punch
Discreet mark making tool for wood, metal, and acrylic - not glass tho 😬
Grapefruit by Yoko Ono
Whimsical and subversive book of instructions for art & life.


Kneaded Erasers
Moldable to different shapes and you actually massage away what you erase so they last a long time.
LEUCHTTURM1917 A6 Notebook
It's always important to carry a notebook to capture any ideas in the wild.
3-Point Perspective Sketchpad
Fun sketchpad that will provide a different perspective.


Mr Pen Letter Stencils
Pack of 5 different size templates that we've kept for years.
Stamp Making Kit
Kit to make your own unique stamps. An interesting way to rethink their creative practice.
Modeling Clay
Not just for kids, 36 colors of air dry modeling clay. Good for sketching out ideas in 3D.

Thanks for checking out our under $25 gift recommendations for creators! This list should have something for everyone and at a great price.

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