Gifts for Creators 2023: The Maker

Here's a list of great gifts for makers, tinkerers and engineers.

Please also support your loved & local artists by purchasing their art as gifts for your other loved ones! Spread the creativity around.

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ENGINEER PZ-60 Screw Removal Pliers ~$21
Pliers are useful. Pliers with teeth that really grip anything are even more useful. One call out, this isn't for fine needle nose work, there is a small gap in the front to accommodate for screws.

Magnetic Helping Hands Soldering Clamp ~$80
This helping hand for soldering work has a lot of bells and whistles. A magnifier lamp to help illuminate what you are working on while magnifying. Plus includes a clamp to hold a phone if they are a content creator.

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station ~$116
These will last a lifetime and in true maker form, they have replaceable parts for anything that could go wrong. Great investment.

Beginner Learn-to-Solder Kit: LED Christmas Tree Decoration ~$17
A delightful stocking stuffer, although there are a ton of very cool and unique kits available to learn to solder. Could be a fun group activity for the fam as well.

KOTTO Solder Fume Absorber ~$40
KOTTO Strong Suction Hose Fume Absorber ~$80
Two different price points - 1 extractor is fine, 2 is always better. Most of the time we just use the little one, but sometimes you use wider diameter solder for big voltage wires and need to run both extractors to protect yourself from fumes.


Klein Tools Digital Voltage Tester ~$35
Tiny but usable voltmeter. This is good for DIY projects and really comes in handy for repairs around the house.

FNIRSI Handheld Digital Oscilloscope Kit ~$36
Tiny and portable oscilloscope that is great for fixing and making small electronics projects.

Bsrezn Upgraded UV Resin Kit ~$16
Resin is a versatile adhesive and medium. This is a great little starting kit to get someone started, including a curing light.

UV Collapsible Lamp ~$250
We've made a versatile collapsible UV Lamp kit to make it easy to cure resin - no matter the size or shape.  We also have the directions to build them yourself here.
UV Collapsible Lamp at Echo Echo Studio

Leather Working Kit ~$10
Leather craft toolset that can be used for creating or repairing. Includes awls, needles, scissors, tape measure, waxed thread, etc. all in an easy to store kit.

Precision Screwdriver Set - 130 in 1 ~$23
This is one of those always useful tools. You start with 1 set, but then you end up with 3 scattered around the studio/home/car. We suggest this one for the portability and small form factor.

3Doodler ~$50
While this might seem fairly elementary, this is so useful for the maker for touch-ups and repairs. We also recommend getting PETG strands for things that need to be outside for more durability.

Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox ~$67
A simple but beautiful toolbox that will always find a use with any maker. Trusco is known for it's quality designs so this will be a good investment for years to come.

Build Your Own Bluetooth Speaker Kit ~$16
Let your creator's mind run wild, this kit can help you turn anything into a bluetooth speaker. Which is pretty fun to put together and useful for listening to some tunes in the shop.

Gift Card to Adafruit $1-$100
Stumped at what to get your tinkerer? You cannot go wrong with an Adafruit gift card. Everything from expert to beginner.

Send Cut Send Gift Card $100 & Up
Another very generous and useful gift. SendCutSend does custom lasercutting, bending, plating and more. You just send them files and they send you back the part.


Thanks for checking out our 2023 gift recommendations for the makers, tinkerers and engineers! Now you'll be sure to have the best presents at your gift exchange. Find some of our other curated gift lists here:
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